Save every day with an ounce of prevention 

Lifecycle CostOperational histories tell us that 75% of equipment lifecycle costs are paid out for maintenance, repair and improvement. Unexpected downtime and liability add even more to the cost of premature failures.

It just makes sense to invest in detecting and preventing safety and production hazards before they become a problem.

In our experience, facilities can commonly achieve significant savings for a single device with LiftTech Preventative Maintenance Programs.

Contract your preventative maintenance programs to LiftTech, and see how you can save.

Increased Reliability

  • Extend the service life of your equipment with consistent planned maintenance protocol

Increased Efficiency

  • Keep processes operating at their peak by reducing losses due to stress and wear

Increased Profitability

  • Accurate equipment keeps production output within specs, with fewer errors and rework

Increased Uptime

  • Schedule service downtime to coincide with slow production periods and planned shutdowns

Reduced Operating Cost

  • Keep your staff focused on core competencies without day-to-day equipment distractions, while we look after the wrench work

With LiftTech, your material handling equipment receives exactly the care and attention it requires – no more, no less – when and where you need it.