LiftTrax inspection program

LiftTrax®: Your first defense against premature equipment failures

All the pieces of equipment and devices used in your process are subject to widely variable duty cycles, load factors and service schedules – so consistent maintenance planning can be a challenge for any heavy-duty facility.

LiftTrax is a multi-point inspection, service reporting and maintenance planning program that can fill the gaps in your planning process with highly disciplined, focused systems based on recognized industry standards. An investment in LiftTrax increases equipment reliability and safety while reducing unnecessary downtime and costs due to premature equipment failure. LiftTrax inspection reports are also an excellent source of independent third-party verification for compliance with safety standards to meet OSHA, ASME and regulatory requirements.

Qualified LiftTech inspectors and technicians use LiftTrax to deliver:

  • Historical inspection and maintenance databases
  • Ongoing compliance with OSHA, ASME and industry standards
  • Detailed reporting and evaluation of equipment conditions
  • Historical reporting of equipment deficiencies
  • Recommendations for preventative maintenance
  • Expert support from professional engineers and consultants


As onsite maintenance specialists, LiftTech ensures that recommended inspection and service protocols are implemented in your facility consistently and professionally. With the LiftTrax system, facility managers can rely on one-source for planned inspection services, covering your complete range of equipment and devices:

  • Above-the-hook: electrical and mechanical crane components
  • Below-the-hook: magnetic and mechanical lifting devices
  • On-the-ground: surface-mounted and mobile material handling equipment

Step up to LiftSafe®!

LiftTrax is a just one part of LiftSafe, our end-to-end program to ensure mechanical integrity.

Learn more here about how LiftSafe integrates inspection and maintenance management services with complete preventative maintenance and process improvement services.