New LiftSafe® Maintenance Management Program Is Built On End-To-End “Integrity”

Alliance, OH – LiftTech Industrial Services has introduced a new managed maintenance program to integrate all preventative service and repair activities for mill-duty equipment and devices. According to Mark Volansky, Director of Sales at LiftTech, “LiftSafe” is a multi-point maintenance program that applies the principles of mechanical integrity to enhance safety in heavy-duty industrial facilities while maximizing uptime and reducing costs.

“LiftSafe is the next logical evolutionary step for our maintenance management and field services,” says Volansky. “It simply bundles the full range of our maintenance capabilities and resources into a planned process to ensure the ongoing integrity of our customers’ facilities.”

A seamless end-to-end solution
LiftSafe® expands on the firm’s original LiftTrax® inspection and maintenance reporting system. LiftTrax was developed to guide and document maintenance inspections of material handling equipment in mill-duty environments, and to preserve the records of inspected devices in a consistent database format. LiftTrax reports are then used to plan required maintenance actions and to build a service history for each device or process.

LiftSafe adopts this approach to inspections and documentation, but begins with a complete audit of a facility to identify and classify its complete inventory of equipment, devices and their related processes. This establishes the initial LiftSafe database, supported by required standards, inspections and documentation for each item. The audit catalogs any deficiencies in the facility’s processes, and prioritizes the corrective actions for service crews to undertake. LiftTech technicians then complete the assigned tasks, from routine servicing to onsite repairs.

“There’s no gap between identifying the need and getting the problems fixed,” Volansky promises. “We’re are at the facility for one purpose only – to keep the facility up and running. It’s a seamless operation.”

Beyond the plant
To meet the goals of LiftSafe, LiftTech has allied with a variety of trusted partners to ensure that customers can rely on the firm for a complete, one-stop maintenance solution. “We aren’t engineers, we aren’t manufacturers and we aren’t transport operators,” Volansky explains. “But we are equipped to bring in any of those capabilities as needed to keep our program moving forward. If a part needs to be redesigned; if a component needs re-certification; if logistics need planning for a core exchange – we get it done. All of it.”

Customized programs
LiftTech tailors its LiftSafe programs to suit each facility, based on the operations, equipment and personnel at the site. Along with the LiftTech technicians who perform the inspection and maintenance services, LiftTech will provide staff to train the facility’s own people on the correct operations and documentation procedures to meet the goals of the program. LiftTech crews have already been established in 25 U.S. cities, with more on the way. “Wherever our customers’ needs are, we’ll be there,” says Volansky.

About LiftTech
LiftTech Industrial Services provides mill-duty industrial facilities with specialized material handling equipment maintenance and repair resources to increase operational safety, savings and uptime. LiftTech fields highly trained crews of accredited equipment technicians to perform a comprehensive range of preventative and emergency on-site maintenance services, tailored to ensure continuous compliance with industry and regulatory standards. With a growing network of service teams located throughout America’s key industrial regions, LiftTech offers facility managers a proven one-stop shop for end-to-end service support for all of their lifting devices and crane system requirements for mill operations in everything from steel, aluminum and paper mills to ship building and port operations.

For more information on LiftTech Industrial Services and on the LiftSafe® program of multi-point mechanical integrity services, contact:

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Director of Sales

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JUNE 2011