LiftTrax® Reporting System Turns Maintenance Inspections Into Management Information

Alliance, OH – Every responsible industrial facility conducts regular planned inspections of its processes as well as its equipment and devices. But, according to LiftTech Industrial Services, most facilities don’t take the inspection process far enough.

“Maintenance inspections give you the chance to identify potential deficits in your equipment and let you prevent accidents before they happen – so that’s the most important thing,” says Mark Volansky, LiftTech’s Director of Sales. “But if that’s all you do with inspection reports, you’re leaving a lot undone.”

LiftTech provides onsite inspections and NDI testing as part of its onsite service package for many heavy-duty industrial facilities. But at LiftTech, there’s more to “inspection” than meets the eye.

“Our inspectors are highly trained technicians who have a very thorough understanding of safety codes and standards. They know what they’re looking at, and they can recognize a problem when they see it. With our LiftTrax® reporting tool, however, our customers get value from the inspection process, even when they don’t see any problems!”

Volansky explains that LiftTrax is a tool or template that establishes a consistent inspection protocol for LiftTech’s inspectors to follow on site. The inspectors collect information on the condition of the customer’s equipment, then LiftTech records all of the inspection information in a database.

Information leads to savings
“The LiftTrax tool serves two main functions,” Volansky continues. “First, it ensures that every inspector follows the same, specified procedures for that piece of equipment, every time. Secondly, it captures that information in a uniform, prescribed format that lends itself to storage and analysis in a computer. As a result, over time, we collect a complete history on the condition of every part and component. That history is the first step to developing a forward-looking plan that can turn maintenance into significant cost savings.”

LiftTech uses the LiftTrax database to help customers plan ahead for service procedures to take preventative steps against future downtime and safety problems. Based on the history of the equipment, engineers and maintenance managers can accurately predict the needs of their equipment. “The service life of a machine or component often changes depending on its current application. LiftTrax can show you what’s really happening in the facility, so you’re not just relying on the written specifications.”

The same inspection histories can also point the way to improve processes. “Over time, recurring problems will reveal themselves in the LiftTrax documentation. Then you can address the cause of the failures with, perhaps, a change in your process, with operator training or with an upgrade to the failing component. ”

Verified compliance
Volansky points out that the LiftTrax records are ideal for providing third-party verification of the customer’s compliance with OSHA requirements and other regulatory standards. Many material handling devices require periodic re-certification, and the LiftTrax database can ensure that equipment is kept up-to-date.

About LiftTech
LiftTech Industrial Services provides mill-duty industrial facilities with specialized material handling equipment maintenance and repair resources to increase operational safety, savings and uptime. LiftTech fields highly trained crews of accredited equipment technicians to perform a comprehensive range of preventative and emergency on-site maintenance services, tailored to ensure continuous compliance with industry and regulatory standards. With a growing network of service teams located throughout America’s key industrial regions, LiftTech offers facility managers a proven one-stop shop for end-to-end service support for all of their lifting devices and crane system requirements for mill operations in everything from steel, aluminum and paper mills to ship building and port operations.

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JUNE 2011