Dependable service for reliable equipment

When LiftTech is on your site, servicing and maintaining your equipment are our only purpose. That’s your best assurance that your equipment gets the consistent attention it needs to work longer, at reduced cost.

Our service crews are made up of highly qualified and experienced technicians who cover a broad range of specialized capabilities and certifications. Our focus on equipment service makes us highly efficient in performing our assigned tasks, individually and as a team.

Trusting your equipment to LiftTech means you can put more trust in your equipment and processes to:

Extended MTBR

  • Consistent maintenance inspections and servicing ensure fewer premature failures and a longer Mean Time Between Repairs.

Reduced MTTR

  • By identifying service needs before they become a major problem, your facility faces less downtime for maintenance, with a faster Mean Time To Repair.

Faster turnaround

  • Our expert crews complete maintenance tasks efficiently. Detailed work histories let us plan to have all the right parts and tools.

Improved safety

  • Downtime due to injury on the jobsite is the worst possible case. LiftTech procedures are always based on the most current regulatory standards and industry best practices, with jobsite safety always top-of-mind.

Proactive service

  • Our inspection schedules and maintenance plans mean we don’t wait for problems before we take the steps to ensure that your facility is always in compliance with government regulations and up to your process specifications.